Spring Thaw Market at Ravalli County Fairgrounds Mar 15

Spring Thaw Market at Ravalli County Fairgrounds, First Interstate Building, Hamilton, Montana. March 22, 10 am to 3 pm.

Species of concern – Black-backed Woodpecker

Black-backed Woodpecker – Picoides arcticus – a photo I have not published yet, just found it again.

Date observed: 10-12-2010 No evidence of breeding.
Location: west of Victor about in the area of the 2006 Gash Creek Fire. We drove up as far as we could into Gash Creek and above, then hiked. I remember the ridge I saw this bird on. I only saw one as we descended down this ridge towards our vehicle.
Coordinates:46.3948°N 114.274°W
Elevation at center: 6,322 feet (1,927 meters)
Quad: Hamilton
Habitat or Species comments: Black-backed Woodpecker – Picoides arcticus – female – only one white stripe on face, no white on back, no color except black on head. Found in burned area